Top vBlog 2018 Success

This last four months have been crazy busy, with defending VCDX number 4, Dell-EMC Master Enterprise Architect (DECM-EA) and Nutanix Certified Sales Expert (NCSX) plus holding down my day job and family life, it has been a marathon. I am glad I made it to the other side largely intact. To top that off, last week it was a pleasure to be voted #10 in the Top vBlog 2018 voting and also to win the Favorite Independent Blogger category as well. This type of award enhances your blogging experience, it means that your community recognizes and appreciates the effort expended. Thank you for reading my content and voting!

It was very competitive this year, indicated by the points totals for positions #6 to #12 where there was a tiny 47 point spread. This emphasizes the importance of having a great Google Pagespeed rating and being consistent with posting content year on year, to maximize your point score. It was also great to see many newcomers to the Top 25 and Top 10, it goes to show you that anyone can blog and be successful.

Those of you that are blogging and are looking to break into the Top 50, Top 25 and Top 10 lists, my advice is to pick a niche that is unique to you and your voice and then focus on that. My specialty area is Architecture Design, including the master-level and expert-level certifications for design; it took me a while to find that voice, but once I did, I was good to go. If I can do it, there is no reason why you cannot also.

It was great to see Angelo Luciani jump a massive 28 spots to #30 this year, an OG blogger/VMUG leader and a true community advocate. The same goes for Paul McSharry, up 22 spots to #27. Great work guys, keep it up.

Big thanks to Eric Siebert, Eric Wright, Angelo Luciani and John Troyer for their efforts and Turbonomic/Nutanix for sponsoring the event.