VCDX133.COM One Year In

VCDX133.COM went live exactly one year ago after I achieved my VCDX certification.  This review post is for vBloggers who want some ideas on how to get started and increase their readership.

VCDX133.COM, the low-down:

Initially my posts were about Architecture Design and VCDX Deep Dives and I did not understand why my traffic was not increasing.  A vBlogger friend suggested writing How-To configuration guides as well because the audience for Deep Dives is very small and immediately my traffic doubled.  The majority of the audience for virtualisation blogs are looking for information to help them in their jobs RIGHT NOW.  They want information that is easy to understand and implement.

vcdx133_month_view vcdx133_week_view vcdx133_year_view_2014 vcdx133_year_view_2015

Insights on getting started and increasing your readership:

  • Put in the hard work, an average of 3 posts per week
  • Produce content that you are passionate about
  • Select a niche area that has zero public content, become the go-to site for that subject
  • Schedule your posts from Tuesday to Thursday and only release one post per day
  • Keep your blog layout as simple as possible
  • Use a conversational style of writing that is very easy to read and understand
  • Provide a mix of How-To, Configuration Guides, Link-O-Rama and Deep Dive posts
  • If you are a non-native English speaker, use spell-check or get someone to review your posts
  • Register with news aggregators like Planet v12n and 1CloudRoad
  • Get your name out there:
    • Present at vCommunity events
    • Sign-up to be a guest with vCommunity podcasts
    • Use Twitter to communicate with the vCommunity
  • Get sponsored and put that income back into your vBlog activities
  • Link your posts to other vBloggers, the ping-backs do increase traffic

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