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You have submitted your design to the VCDX Program and begun preparing for the defence which will be held in 60 days.  You are wondering, “Where do I start?”  A great first step is to complete a VCDX skills matrix and then formulate your plan of attack for the day of the defence.

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This VCDX Skills Matrix spreadsheet is very easy to use:

  • For each area enter an honest assessment of your skill level (ZER – Zero, BAS – Basic, ADV – Advanced or MCQ – Minimally Qualified Candidate aka Expert).
  • As a VCDX candidate, you should have a very high number of MCQ and ADV classifications.
  • Have the rest of your study group complete the same form and you will be able to discern who should lead the T-Skilling for each Technology area (MCQ level).
  • A good strategy is to target the Zero/Basic knowledge areas and then work your way up to Advanced and MCQ.
  • The point of the preparation process is to peak as MCQ for all blueprint areas on the day of the defence.
  • How do you assess your knowledge?  Check my study guides, and depending upon the number of terms you understand, mark yourself accordingly.
  • How do you build your knowledge?  Reading technical publications, blog posts, participating in Study Group T-Skilling, listening to podcasts and completing online training (eg. Pluralsight).
  • You need to immerse yourself in the preparation process to ensure you have the greatest chance of success.

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