VCDX Study Plan – Storage

The essential VCDX study plan for storage.

List of articles in my VCDX Deep-Dive series (more than 70 posts)

Here is the list (in no particular order, I typed them as they occurred to me):

  • vSphere Storage Mechanisms
  • Datastores, SIOC, SDRS, Adaptive Queuing, DSNRO
  • Disk types
  • RAID configurations
  • Disk failure rebuild times
  • IOPS, I/O Sizes, Latency, Throughput
  • Storage Protocols – Pros/Cons
  • How to implement FC/FCoE/iSCSI/NAS in vSphere
  • Scale/Sizing
  • Centralised shared storage versus Scale-out storage
  • Multi-Pathing – VMware and 3rd Party
  • FC Zoning
  • Manufacturer Interop
  • Queues/Buffers
  • FCoE/CNA
  • Storage Replication – Synchronous/Asynchronous
  • Stretched Clusters/Metro Clusters
  • Storage Array Types – Active/Active, Active/Passive, ALUA
  • Global Cache
  • VMware VSAN
  • Nutanix – NDFS
  • SimpliVity – OmniStack
  • VMware vFRC
  • PernixData R/W Caching
  • LUN Sizing – Adaptive/Predictive
  • Auto-Tiering
  • VAAI primitives for FC/NAS
  • RDMs
  • Who are the players in the storage space?

Resources you may want to consider:

Validate these scenarios:

  • My customer has a requirement for a Monster VM with a single vDisk of 200TB.  My design is using Fiber Channel storage to meet this requirement.  Will it work?
  • My customer has an Air-Gap requirement for PCI compliance.  I want to use VMware VSAN for a 2 node cluster with Business Critical Apps.  Will it work?

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