vCenter 5.5 Upgrade with Windows Server 2012 R2 – Part 4 – Cleanup

This is part 4 of the vCenter 5.1 to 5.5 Update 1c upgrade, detailing the post-installation clean-up.

This is an eleven part series, describing how to upgrade from vCenter 5.1 to vCenter 5.5:


  • Fully functioning vCenter 5.5 server
  • Re-integration procedures for reconnecting your Cloud Management infrastructure with vCenter 5.5.

Cloud Management Re-integration

  1. For each Cloud Management component, follow the process of re-integration with vCenter 5.5 (vCD, vCAC, Avamar, vC Ops, vIN, Veeam, vCM, CBM, vCO, etc.)
  2. Hopefully this is successful because you fully tested this process in your lab.  However, if any component fails with re-integration, open tickets with support and hopefully it will be resolved.  WORST CASE: Activate the roll-back plan back to vCenter 5.1 for all infrastructure.


  1. Everything has been running perfectly for a period of time.  You have decided that the danger period has passed and made the decision to stick with vCenter 5.5.
  2. Delete all vSphere Snapshots.
  3. Delete all remaining distributed vCenter 5.1 VMs (vSphere Web Client, Inventory Service, SSO).
  4. Unmount any ISO images from the vCenter and Database VMs.
  5. Upgrade completed.  Well done!

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