vCenter 5.5 Upgrade with Windows Server 2012 R2 – Part 6 – Integrating vC Ops

This is part 6 of the vCenter 5.1 to 5.5 Update 1c upgrade, detailing the reintegration of vCenter Operations Manager with vCenter 5.5.

This is an eleven part series, describing how to upgrade from vCenter 5.1 to vCenter 5.5:


  • You have a licenced and functioning version of vC Ops that was working with vCenter 5.1.
  • You have administrator access to vCenter and vC Ops.
  • You have checked that your version of vC Ops supports vCenter 5.5.  vC Ops version 5.8.2 (Build 1885282) is used in this example.

Reintegrate vCenter Operations Manager with vCenter 5.5

  1. Open a Web browser and connect to the administrator interface of your vC Ops implementation: https://<vC Ops IP Address/admin”.
  2. Login as “admin” with the correct password.
  3. Select the “Registration” tab and press the “Update” button of the upgraded vCenter 5.5 server in the “vCenter Server Registration” section.
  4. Re-enter the Registration and Collector passwords and press “Test Connection”.  Accept the new SSL certificate and then press “Apply”.
  5. Open the Web Client to vCenter 5.5: https://<vCenter 5.5 Web Client>:9443/vsphere-client/” and login as an administrator.
  6. Browse to the Licence Management screen by selecting “Home”, “Administration”, “Licenses” and then the “Solutions” object.
  7. Ensure that “vCenter Operations Manager” has a valid licence key assigned.  If not, assign one using the “Assign License Key” button.
  8. Browse to any host and select the “Monitor” tab and then the “Health” object.  Verify that the vC Ops “Health”, “Workload” and “Faults” badges are visible with a numerical value.
  9. In parallel, open the vC Ops user interface from a Web browser: https://<vC Ops IP Address/vcops-vsphere/” and login as “admin”.
  10. Browse to the same host as you selected in the Web Client and select the “Operations” object.
  11. Verify that the “Health”, “Workload” and “Faults” badges are the same values as those displayed in the Web Client.
  12. Reintegration completed.

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