Is “vRealize” another “vRAM”?

I was very happy when VMware announced the “vCloud Suite” two years ago.  It unified the entire Data Center and Cloud Automation eco-system of VMware’s products under a single umbrella with a unified licencing model.  No more buying per VM licences for multiple products, just licence your physical sockets with the level you wanted and off you go.  It was a great move.

Fast forward to this year: “vRealize”? Who were the vPeople in vMarketing who vSuggested this vChange and who is the vGroup who vDrank the vCoolaid and vSupported this?  Who is the vBoss who vSigned off on it?  Sticking a “v” in front of every word does not make it cool, just look at the previous two sentences.  You have done a good job of it so far, but placing a “vee” in front of verbs is taking it too far, stick to nouns!

There is no way I will ever use the word “vRealize” to describe “vCloud”, it devalues the product and makes it sound like a new age marketing gimmick.  Remember “vRAM”?  I personally remained upon ESXi 4.1 for 3 years just to skip that budget justification nightmare.  Remember when Microsoft removed the “Start” button from Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012?  Well, guess what, the button is back!  VMware, you can fix this too.

VMware, you have spent a lot of time and effort upon the vExpert and TAM programs, which comprises of 2,000+ trusted customers, partners and VMware employees.  I strongly advise you to use this resource to bounce ideas off before making them a “vReality”.

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