Is “vRealize” another “vRAM”?

I was very happy when VMware announced the “vCloud Suite” two years ago.  It unified the entire Data Center and Cloud Automation eco-system of VMware’s products under a single umbrella with a unified licencing model.  No more buying per VM licences for multiple products, just licence your physical sockets with the level you wanted and off you go.  It was a great move.

Fast forward to this year: “vRealize”? Who were the vPeople in vMarketing who vSuggested this vChange and who is the vGroup who vDrank the vCoolaid and vSupported this?  Who is the vBoss who vSigned off on it?  Sticking a “v” in front of every word does not make it cool, just look at the previous two sentences.  You have done a good job of it so far, but placing a “vee” in front of verbs is taking it too far, stick to nouns!

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VMworld 2014 – vBrownbag TechTalks

The vBrownbag TechTalk schedule has just been posted online for VMworld US 2014.  These will be held in the “Hang Space” on the “Community Stage”, which is to your left as you walk through the doors.  It looks like there will be a lot of interesting things going on during the event:

  • vExpert Daily & HP Sessions
  • vBrownbag TechTalks – featuring Rene Van Den Bedem, Julian Wood, Vaughn Stewart, Andrew Nelson, Eric Wright, Shannon Snowden, Brian Trainor, Matt Brender, Anthony Spiteri, Byron Schaller, Fabio Rapposelli, Edward Haletky, Sean Crookston, Sean Massey, Brian Graf, Tim Gleed, David Espejo, James Green, Steve Flanders, Craig Waters, Keith Norbie, Tony Foster, David Klee and Chris Sears
  • vBrownbag Sponsor sessions – VMTurbo, Peter Smith – Infinio and Andy Warfield – Coho Data
  • Geek Whisperers podcast
  • Speaking in Tech podcast
  • Latin America vExpert and VMUG sessions

So if you happen to be in the Hang Space relaxing, keep an eye out for the various events being held on the Community Stage.  See you at VMworld!

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