#vExpert NSX – My first VMware NSX Certification

The VMware vExpert NSX program is running a community blog series and this post is about my first VMware NSX certification.

Why did you decide to go for a second VMware certification (NV track)?

From the Network Virtualization track (NSX), the first VMware certification I achieved was VCIX-NV.

After I achieved VCDX-DCV, VMware NSX had just been launched and this resonated with me due to my background in networking and telecommunications. Also the concept of the VMware SDDC was popular in the market and I thought it made sense to be competent in the full SDDC space.

How different was this journey compared to your first VMware certification?

This was a lot easier, I had my networking foundation to lean on from early in my career, so it was just a matter of learning NSX and taking the exam.

Did you reap any benefits from the second certification?

This led to my second and third VCDX being achieved and it was the launch-pad to where I am now.

Knowing what you know today, what are some of the pain points in this certification that you can share with your audience?

If your background is Server Virtualization, then building your fundamental networking skills will be important. To achieve those, the quickest way would be to complete your CCNA certification, then the features of NSX will make a lot more sense. There are loads of resources out there to assist you: Blogs, vBrownbag, Pluralsight, Podcasts, etc. Also consider joining a study group with individuals on the same track as you.

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Chief Enterprise Architect and Strategist, 4xVCDX#133, NPX#8, DECM-EA.