Treating NSX with “Kid Gloves”?

When VMware acquired Nicira and developed the first version of NSX (4.x), they were very cagey about which customers would be allowed to evaluate it in a “Proof of Concept” (with very specific success criteria).  I fully understand the strategy, they wanted to manage expectations and minimise bad press by controlling it very carefully.

Jump to October 2014:

My assessment so far:

  • NSX is revolutionary and will change how we implement networks in the Data Center.
  • This “Kid Gloves” routine is getting very old, very fast.
  • Does NSX use the same testing program and methodology as vSphere?  Because it seems incomplete, I have had NSX running for just a few days in my lab and already I have found weaknesses and inconsistencies.
  • If I was deploying NSX into my Production network, I would hold off until a later release.

VMware: Take off the “Kid Gloves” and allow NSX to be free-range.  Open the NSX “Evaluation” to everyone.  With your next major release of NSX, go with an NDA free, public beta.  Allow NSX to evolve into the foundation product of network virtualisation.  The more people that play with NSX, the more robust it will become.

NSX was an infant child in 2013, it is a teenager now, allow it to mature to adult-hood.

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