Tech101 – Ads with Hosted WordPress

You have been blogging for a good while and a vendor contacts you about advertising from your blog site.  What do you do?  Well, if you are using “Hosted WordPress”, then you cannot use  You will have to manage it yourself.  Here is how to do it.

1. Open the WordPress DashboardAdministrator control panel.  Access it from

2. Access the “Widgets” menu from Dashboard, Appearance, Widgets


3. Add a “Text” Widget to your “Sidebar” and name it “Sponsors” or “Advertising”.

4. With the Advertising URL and the Banner URL provided by your Sponsor, add the following HTML code to the text box: “<a target=”_blank” href=”Ad URL”><IMG src=”Banner URL”></a>”

5. Press the “Save” button.

6. Exit the Administrator Dashboard.


7. Open a browser and access your blog URL.  Verify that your “Sponsor” Widget is live and the Banner images are displayed.  Click on each Banner image and verify that the Ad URL redirects you to the Sponsor site.


8. Since it is manual, you will have to keep track of ad expiry and collecting payment.  Collecting the payment can be via BitCoin, PayPal or Bank Transfer.  You will have to use a template for invoicing your customers and remember to declare the income on your tax return.

9. If you want to contact Vendors to get them to sponsor your blog, I visited the Top 25 vBlog sites and recorded the company names that were sponsoring each blog.  Then I went to LinkedIn and searched for each company name with the word “Advertising”, “Marketing” or “Online”.  Then I used LinkedIn’s “InMail” to contact them directly.

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