#VMworld Announcement – Cloud Native Apps

VMware has introduced vSphere Integrated Containers and the Photon Platform as part of their Cloud Native Application offering for Production-grade Container Infrastructure.

In a nutshell:

  • VMware vSphere is the foundation with Project Bonneville and Project Photon OS
  • VMware vSphere Integrated Containers will merge with other 3rd party container eco-systems
  • Intended to meet these requirements: Security and Isolation (vSphere 6.0 Instant Clone), Storage and Data Persistence (VSAN & VVols), Networking (NSX), SLAs (vSphere DRS) & Management (vCenter Server & vRealize suite)
  • The VMware Photon Platform comprises of a Photon Controller (including Project Lightwave) and Photon Machine
  • Project Photon OS is sourced on GitHub, along with Project Lightwave
  • VMware and Pivotal will offer Cloud Native Applications for this eco-system
  • Official VMware Press Release

The clock is ticking, register for VMworld EU 2015, plan your travel and reserve your sessions:

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