#VMworld Announcement – VSAN 6.1

VMware Virtual SAN version 6.1 has been announced.  This is the third evolution of the platform and it certainly is maturing.

In a nutshell (more detail below):

  • 2-node Cluster Size supported (perfect for ROBO, Labs)
  • Stretched Cluster supported (Synchronous Metro Cluster <5ms RTT over >10Gb/s with a Witness Appliance, continue to use vSphere Replication for Asynchronous)
  • Enhanced Replication: 5 min RPO with vSphere Replication (VSAN 6.x only)
  • New SSD Hardware options: Intel NVMe & Diablo Ultra DIMM
  • Support for SMP-FT: RPO/RTO=0 (with separate fault domains for further protection, but not stretched)
  • Support for Oracle RAC and Windows Server Failover Clustering
  • vROps Integration: Global data visualisation, Capacity planning, Root-cause analysis
  • Cloud-native Apps supported: persistent storage for containers
  • Virtual SAN On-Disk Format Upgrade
  • Disk Group Bulk Claiming & Disk Claiming per Tier
  • Stretched Cluster Configuration & Health Monitoring
  • VSAN Health Check Plug-in Out-of-box
  • Official VMware Press Release


vsan_61_1 vsan_61_2 vsan_61_3 vsan_61_4 vsan_61_5 vsan_61_6 vsan_61_7 vsan_61_8 vsan_61_9 vsan_61_10 vsan_61_11 vsan_61_12 vsan_61_13 vsan_61_14 vsan_61_15 vsan_61_16 vsan_61_17 vsan_61_18 vsan_61_19 vsan_61_20 vsan_61_21 vsan_61_22 vsan_61_23 vsan_61_24 vsan_61_25

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