EUC Announcement – VMware Digital Workspace

The VMware EUC announcement (“VMware Digital Workspace”) has three major components:

  1. VMware Workspace ONE (new)
  2. VMware Horizon 7
  3. VMware Horizon Air Hybrid-Mode

1. VMware Workspace ONE in a nutshell (more detail below):

  • Comprised of technologies from AirWatch, Boxer, SocialCast
  • Unified Enterprise App Store
  • New Email and Content Apps
  • Compliance Check Conditional Access
  • One Touch Mobile SSO
  • Licencing: Per User Subscription or Perpetual (Standard, Advanced & Enterprise)

2. VMware Horizon 7 in a nutshell (more detail below):

  • Cloud Pod Architecture: Scale and Failover improvements (4 sites, 50,000 sessions)
  • Instant Clones for JIT Desktops with vmFork
  • Smart Policies
  • True SSO
  • Access Point (hardened appliance for authentication within the DMZ)
  • Application Lifecycle Management use VMware App Volumes 3.0 (Standard, Advanced & Enterprise)
  • Remote Experience
    • AMD Multiuser GPU Support with vDGA
    • Intel vDGA Graphics Support with Intel Xeon E3
    • Flash Redirection (Tech Preview)
    • Improved Printer Performance (4x faster)
    • URL Content Redirection
    • Rapid Innovation in RDSH and Apps
  • Blast Extreme
  • Horizon Clients Updated (Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, Chrome OS & HTML Access)
  • Horizon for Linux

3. VMware Horizon Air Hybrid-Mode in a nutshell (more detail below):

  • On-premises footprint
  • Optimised Hardware
  • Cloud Control Plane
  • Next Generation technology

Screenshots (all):

digitalws_1 digitalws_2 digitalws_3 digitalws_4 digitalws_5 digitalws_6 digitalws_7 digitalws_8 digitalws_9 digitalws_10 digitalws_11 digitalws_12 digitalws_13 digitalws_14 digitalws_15 digitalws_16 digitalws_17 digitalws_18 digitalws_19 digitalws_20 digitalws_21 digitalws_22 digitalws_23 digitalws_24 digitalws_25 digitalws_26 digitalws_27 digitalws_28 digitalws_29 digitalws_30 digitalws_31 digitalws_32 digitalws_33 digitalws_34 digitalws_35 digitalws_36 digitalws_37 digitalws_38 digitalws_39 digitalws_40 digitalws_41 digitalws_42 digitalws_43 digitalws_44 digitalws_45 digitalws_46 digitalws_47 digitalws_48 digitalws_49 digitalws_50 digitalws_51 digitalws_52 digitalws_53 digitalws_54 digitalws_55

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