Turbonomic aka VMTurbo

turbonomic-lg-black We all know VMTurbo, they make great solution optimisation software and my friend Eric Wright works there.  Eric is a great vCommunity advocate and was one of the team that created Virtual Design Master.

As of today, they have morphed themselves to a new identity, “Turbonomic”.  Where did that name come from I hear you ask?

Well, the era of the “VM” is closing and they want a name that reflects their core competencies and their coverage of the entire IT stack, regardless of whether it is bare-metal, hypervisor, containers or hybrid cloud.  So they took the three phrases: “Turbo Speed”, “Autonomic Control” and “Economic Principles” and morphed them to create their new company name and identity, “Turbonomic”.

Turbonomic has been a great supporter of my blog and I wish them all the best with their transformation.

Here are some of the slides from the blogger briefing:

turbonomic1 turbonomic2 turbonomic3 turbonomic5turbonomic6turbonomic4 turbonomic7

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