#VMworld Day 1 Cross-Cloud Architecture Announcement

Today there will be announcements of VMware’s intention to change its focus from competing against the big boys (AWS, Azure, etc.) with vCloud Air and deliver a Cross-Cloud Architecture solution stack that will allow customers to tie them all together with a single policy engine for customers.

This consolidated list of observations is from conversations I have had with people from within VMware over the past few days:

  • Use vCloud Air as the proving ground for releasing technology to the vCloud Air Network.  They will maintain this base, but really have no interest in growing it.
  • Build “one click deploy” and “one click upgrade” functionality into the VMware SDDC (and EUC, hopefully) infrastructure.  The first evolution of this is Cloud Foundation.  This is meeting a customer demand for the concept that Nutanix has executed successfully, in my opinion.
  • Focus on providing a single policy engine for connecting disparate clouds together.  Similar to having hardware from multiple vendors in a private cloud, using many different public cloud services introduces management complexity into operations.
  • vCloud Director will be becoming mainstream again, due to popular customer demand.  The vRealize suite will continue to be developed as the prime cloud management platform of VMware and the vCD functionality will be moved to vCenter Server.
  • VMware are listening to their customers regarding poor GSS performance, poor quality of vSphere releases and trying to fix them.  They are cognizant of their poor performance during 2015, which was reflected in their stock prices.  If you are are current VMware customer with Mission-Critical or Business-Critical workloads, sign-up for Business Critical support – it is very good, I speak from experience.
  • Take NSX Transformers and make it the premier NSX platform.  NSX-v will continue to be the NSX binaries you will use for the next few years, NSX-v features will gradually bleed into Transformers.  They are also intending on aligning the disparate features between the vSphere and Multi-Hypervisor versions, which obviously will be required for their multi-cloud strategy.
  • Continue to invest in supporting the Open Source community and promote transparency of code.

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