Data Center Madness Webinar Series

I am inviting you to join me in the Data Center Madness Webinar Series presented by ActualTech Media, Nutanix and Intel on March 21/28 and April 4/11.

There will be four rounds covering:

  • Hybrid storage vs. All-Flash storage
  • Pre-Integrated vs. DIY
  • RDBMS vs. NoSQL
  • Separate Virtualisation Stack vs. Integrated Hypervisors
  • Traditional Test/Dev vs. DevOps (this one I am participating in)
  • VMs vs. Containers
  • On-Prem vs. Hosted Deployments
  • Enterprise Cloud vs. Public Cloud

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Chief Enterprise Architect and Strategist, 4xVCDX#133, NPX#8, DECM-EA.