Tech101 – Google Cloud Platform

If you are comfortable with consuming services from AWS and Azure, then learning about the Google Cloud Platform is easy. This post is the 40,000ft view of the Google Cloud Platform.

I was impressed that the GCP UI also presents the equivalent REST and gcloud command line code for each request. This is great if you are planning on using the Google API/CLI for automation and orchestration.

Getting Started (takes 5 minutes)

  1. You have a PC with a responsive and usable Internet connection
  2. Create a Google Compute Platform account
  3. Provide a valid Credit Card
  4. Start using GCP immediately – there is a free trial (12 month period with $300 credit) for some services in some regions
  5. The UI is intuitive and easy to use
  6. WARNING: You can spin-up most of the service catalogue.  Do not forget and leave them running, your credit card will be charged.

Subscription Models

  • Pay-As-You-Go – Pay for what you use with:
    • Sustained use discounts (up to 30% off)
    • Per minute billing
    • Preemptible VM instances (up to 80% off)
    • Committed use discounts (Beta – up to 57% off)

Google Regions (18 locations)

Google Cloud Services

GCP currently lists 30 available services across 6 categories:

  • Home – API Manager, Billing, Cloud Launcher, Support & IAM/Admin
  • Compute – App Engine, Compute Engine, Container Engine, Cloud Functions & Networking
  • Storage – BigTable, SQL, Datastore, Storage & Spanner
  • StackDriver – Monitoring, Debug, Trace, Logging & Error Reporting
  • Tools – Container Registry, Development, Deployment Manager, Test Lab & Endpoints
  • Big Data – BigQuery, Pub/Sub, Dataproc, Dataflow, ML Engine & Genomics

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