VMware announces Intelligent Operations with vRealize Suite

VMware have announced the following enhancements to the vRealize Suite (vROps, vRBC, vRLI) and vRealize Network Insight.

vRealize Operations 6.6

Ease of Use and Quick Time to Value:

  • Simplified Usability – New HTML5 UI has easier and consistent experience
  • Quicker Navigation – New “Getting Started” dashboard points you to the right place
  • Accelerated Remediation – Persona-based dashboards provide the answers in one place – Operations, Troubleshooting, Cloud Capacity, Compliance and Config
  • Quicker TTV – OOTB integrations – Storage (vSAN), Logs (vRLI), Business (vRBC) and Automation (vRA)

Native vSAN Management:

  • Fast time to value for hyper-converged environments
  • Complete VSAN management
    • Performance
    • Capacity
    • Logs
    • Configuration and Health
  • Centralized management across stretched clusters
  • Confirm vSAN readiness from a single console
  • Deploy vSAN with confidence with complete visibility
  • Operationalize vSAN with performance and capacity monitoring

Fully Automated Workload Balancing:

  • Ensure performance across the datacenters with fully automated workload balancing
    • Across clusters
    • Across data stores (w/ storage vMotion)
    • Easily automatable
    • Schedulable at a convenient maintenance window
  • Ensure DRS Configurations – View and set DRS settings to drive better balance
  • Avoid contention – Predictive DRS takes action before the contention occurs
  • Proper Initial Placement – Utilize Operations analytics to optimize placement of workloads through vRA

OOTB Compliance Capabilities:

  • Tackle compliance problems
    • What is out of compliance?
    • New vSphere hardening dashboard
  • Hardening across all SDDC components – vSAN, NSX, vCenter
  • Extend Compliance – PCI & HIPAA compliance for vSphere
  • Ensure business configurations – New cluster, host and VM configuration dashboards

vRealize Business for Cloud 7.3 (STD edition)

Cost Management keeps getting easier:

  • Ops and Business in one place
  • Enhanced pricing capabilities
  • More OOTB reports
  • Procurement planning

Optimize Public Clouds Spending with more visibility:

  • Cost Visibility: Costing analysis for all services on AWS and Azure
  • Usage Visibility: VM level usage visibility into public clouds

vRealize Log Insight 4.5

Full 360-Degree Log Integration with vRealize

  • Full Integration in-context within vRealize

    • Direct launch into Log insight Dashboard
    • Direct launch into Log Insight Interactive Analytics mode
    • Object auto-initiated log management
    • vROps Alerts auto-initiated log management
  • New Server Capabilities
    • Updated Log Insight RESTful API’s
    • Comprehensive Single Sign-On Support
  • Improved Agent Capabilities
    • Agent multi-destination

vRealize Network Insight 3.4

Manage Cross-Cloud Security:

  • Micro-segmentation planning by AWS VPC, Security Groups and Tags.
  • Add AWS EC2 VMs to user defined applications for micro-segmentation planning
  • Visibility for AWS VPCs, EC2 VMs, flows and AWS Security Groups
  • Troubleshoot traffic in AWS to triage denied traffic between or within VPCs and AWS tags

Troubleshoot across virtual and physical infrastructure:

  • Path between VMs with underlying Layer 2 network visibility
  • Support for vCenter tags enables fast filtering of VMs for addition to security and application groups
  • Enhanced traffic and security analytics including physical servers
  • Day 2 event reporting on NSX issues

Customize for maximum deployment flexibility:

  • vRealize Network Insight generated events can be exported as syslog messages for close integration with log management products such as vRealize Log Insight
  • Customization of alerts by object and alert types, as global settings
  • Configuration features for modifying data retention periods

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