Turbonomic announces 5.9 release

Turbonomic has announced the release of version 5.9 of their Automation Platform. Most of the new features are implemented in their new HTML5 UI, since their Flash-based UI will be deprecated by the end of the year.

What’s New with Turbonomic 5.9:

  • Cloud Migration Planning: Accurately match what customers consume on premises to what they need to consume in public cloud to assure performance while lowering cloud costs.
  • Lower Cloud Costs: Automatically scale down or suspend workloads reducing costs without impacting performance.
  • Budget Control: Cloud bills are aggregated across services, regions, accounts and lines of business and tracked in a single view against defined budget.
  • Workload Specific Cost: Workload specific costs, within the cloud, are continuously tracked and reported by regions, tags or custom groups.
  • Cloud Cost Forecasting: Project future monthly cloud bills to accurately plan and budget.
  • Hybrid Cloud Visibility: Single pane of glass for resource consumption across on-premises data centers and cloud services.
  • Anti-Affinity Enforcement: Designated HA workloads are spread across multiple cloud regions and availability zones or data center, cluster and hosts on-premises complying with risk management specifications for mission critical applications

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