VMware Livefire for Partners and Employees

VMware offers employees and VMware Partners the opportunity to attend VMware Livefire advanced training each year. These are advanced courses where experts collaborate through training, lab exercises and discussions on how to implement enterprise-level VMware solutions. VMware Livefire course catalog (as of writing – it constantly changes): Cloud Native: Run

Book 4 of the IT Architect Series announced

The IT Architect Series is getting ready to release their 4th book in the series titled “Stories from the Field – Horror stories and lessons learned from IT Architects, Operations and Project Management.” This effort was led by Matthew Wood, John Arrasjid and Mark Gabryjelski with a total of 34

Nutanix Clusters is Live

Nutanix Clusters on AWS is now live. Formerly known as Xi Clusters, this offering has been talked about for a few years; great to see it has finally arrived. I think the reason for the long incubation period is that Nutanix wanted to get it right. This is a great

Performance Considerations when running Nutanix on vSphere

Here are some performance considerations for running Nutanix AOS 5.10 or higher on vSphere 6.7 U3b. In vSphere 6.7 you may have noticed the introduction of Skyline Health (vSphere Client, vCenter Server object, Monitor, Skyline Health) and the reporting of the Compute Health Checks. You may have also noticed the

Not Quite Right Infrastructure Platforms

Have you worked with infrastructure platforms that were not quite right? Niggling little annoyances that do not impact delivering services but add that extra effort to get your job done? Things like self-signed SSL certificates, local user accounts and naming standards that make no sense. These things translate into technical

vUM Scan Cluster Error

This post is applicable to customers using VMware vCenter Server Appliance (vCSA) 6.7 Update 3d with vSphere Update Manager. Problem: vCenter Server Appliance 6.7 Update 3d with vSphere Update Manager configured to scan a cluster of ESXi hosts. DNS is fully configured and functioning correctly for ESXi and vCSA. The

vSphere Feature Request – Skyline Health for 3rd Party Arrays

As an Enterprise Architect working for a VMware Partner, I am involved in many vSphere Health Checks. One of the most common problems we report are incorrectly configured ESXi Advanced settings. In particular, the optimized configuration for legacy 3-Tier All-Flash storage. And the customer wonders why there are performance issues

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