Nutanix XLAB for Partners is Live

The Nutanix XLAB licensing for Partners feature in Nutanix Support is now live. Why should you care if you are a Nutanix Partner?

Up until now, Nutanix Partners could consume Nutanix software in four ways:

  • Community Edition – crowd-sourced support, used for functional demonstrations and learning, available to everyone, runs with AHV only and you supply the hardware (no HCL, cross your fingers and pray).
  • Nutanix Demo environment – ready built, limited use-cases, demonstration only, shared environment consumed as a service (similar to VMware HOL), available to all partners.
  • NFR (Not For Resale) – includes support, heavily discounted software, including NX hardware if needed, available to all partners.
  • MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) – loaner hardware tied to sales objectives for a fixed period of time and must be returned to Nutanix at the end, licensing and support is not included, all partners can apply.

Now we have a fifth option, XLAB:

  • Gives you access to Acropolis Ultimate, Prism Pro, Flow, Calm, Files, Era and Buckets licensing.
  • Depending upon your Partner level, the quantities allowed vary (Master, Scaler or Authorized Distributor).
  • Partner provides the hardware: Nutanix NX, HPE DX, HPE, Cisco, Dell-EMC PowerEdge or OEM (Dell-EMC XC Core or Lenovo HX).
  • Allows you to run all supported hypervisors.
  • No support provided.
  • Gives you the ability to run PoCs in your own lab including performance testing (before you would have to use an official PoC request – which takes time, or use NFR/MOU hardware).

How do you access XLAB? Easy:

  • Login to
  • Select the Support Portal
  • Go to My Products, Licensing
  • Expand the XLab Licenses section
  • Select Manage Licenses to start the Cluster File upload process and generate the License File for the cluster