Nutanix XLAB for Partners is Live

The Nutanix XLAB licensing for Partners feature in Nutanix Support is now live. Why should you care if you are a Nutanix Partner?

Up until now, Nutanix Partners could consume Nutanix software in four ways:

  • Community Edition – crowd-sourced support, used for functional demonstrations and learning, available to everyone, runs with AHV only and you supply the hardware (no HCL, cross your fingers and pray).
  • Nutanix Demo environment – ready built, limited use-cases, demonstration only, shared environment consumed as a service (similar to VMware HOL), available to all partners.
  • NFR (Not For Resale) – includes support, heavily discounted software, including NX hardware if needed, available to all partners.
  • MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) – loaner hardware tied to sales objectives for a fixed period of time and must be returned to Nutanix at the end, licensing and support is not included, all partners can apply.

Now we have a fifth option, XLAB:

  • Gives you access to Acropolis Ultimate, Prism Pro, Flow, Calm, Files, Era and Buckets licensing.
  • Depending upon your Partner level, the quantities allowed vary (Master, Scaler or Authorized Distributor).
  • Partner provides the hardware: Nutanix NX, HPE DX, HPE, Cisco, Dell-EMC PowerEdge or OEM (Dell-EMC XC Core or Lenovo HX).
  • Allows you to run all supported hypervisors.
  • No support provided.
  • Gives you the ability to run PoCs in your own lab including performance testing (before you would have to use an official PoC request – which takes time, or use NFR/MOU hardware).

How do you access XLAB? Easy:

  • Login to
  • Select the Support Portal
  • Go to My Products, Licensing
  • Expand the XLab Licenses section
  • Select Manage Licenses to start the Cluster File upload process and generate the License File for the cluster

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5 thoughts on “Nutanix XLAB for Partners is Live”

  1. We have 2x decommissioned NX-1365S which was upgraded with additional CPU’s and RAM, these units currently run starter. After setting the clusters to “software_only” I cannot see any products up for licensing after doing the cluster summary file upload or even when trying the dark site method.

    Has anyone come across an issue like this?

    ncli license update-license license-class=”software_only”; genesis restart

    The command above needs to be run on the NX kit to be able to do XLAB software only licensing.

      1. Thanks for the feedback Rene. I assume the issue was resolved seeing that you had similar problems. No one seems to have a solution at this point.

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