VCDX – I passed, now what?

So you have passed the VCDX – What are you going to do now?  Is that it?  You have reached this point and now your journey is over?  I think not, the journey has just begun.

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Achieving the VCDX makes you realise just how much you do not know.  Start planning your next certification or technology silo that you want to master.  Working in Information Technology is all about change, the industry never stops evolving.  If you do not like the state of flux, then you are in the wrong field.

Achieving the VCDX has proven that you have a certain set of skills:

  • Critical Thinking
  • Dedication
  • Attention to Detail
  • Planning
  • Ability to translate Business Requirements into a tangible design
  • Ability to extract information through discussion
  • Ability to learn and absorb information rapidly
  • Ability to think on your feet under pressure
  • Ability to speak in public and present complicated concepts
  • Ability to justify and defend design decisions
  • Formidable set of documentation skills

Do not let them atrophy, leverage these skills and build upon them; they are the foundation for moving onto the next level in your career.

So consider the following:

  • Take a lead role in your local VMUG
  • Start blogging
  • Start podcasting
  • Start collaborating with your VCDX peers
  • Volunteer for the VCDX Mentoring Program
  • Target another VCDX track: Cloud or Desktop
  • Start the Certification track of another vendor (Microsoft, Cisco, Redhat, Oracle, VCE, EMC, Nutanix, etc.)
  • Write a book

You have achieved so much, keep your momentum, take a short break and plan the next phase of your professional development.


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Chief Enterprise Architect and Strategist, 4xVCDX#133, NPX#8, DECM-EA.