Nutanix Platform Expert = VCDX squared?

npx_logo Nutanix have announced their version of the VCDX, the Nutanix Platform Expert (NPX).  From reading the blueprint, it definitely takes Data Center architecture design to the next level.

NPX Summary for the VCDX-aware:

  • IMPRESSIVE! – No submission or examination fees
  • Must prove mastery of two hypervisors (candidate choices: vSphere, KVM or Hyper-V)
  • Must be a Nutanix Platform Professional (NPP)
  • Recommend being a Nutanix Support Specialist (NSS)
  • RECOMMENDED Primary Skill Benchmark (select one): Microsoft MCM/MCSM/MCA/MCSE, Cisco CCAr/CCDE, CCC PCSA, Red Hat RHCA or VCDX (with TOGAF or Zachman in some cases) –  Check matrix below.
  • RECOMMENDED Secondary Skill Benchmark (select one): VCDX-NV, VCAPs/VCIX, Microsoft MCSE, CCIE/CCDE, Citrix CCIA, Red Hat RHCA or AWS CSA-PCheck matrix below.
  • NPX Program Application – VCDX-DCV style Design Submission PLUS:

    • 1st Hypervisor choice
    • Built upon the Nutanix Platform
    • 3 Professional References
    • Include an “Evaluation of emerging technologies analysis”
    • Include a “Web-scale migration and transition plan”
  • 3.5 Hour NPX Design Review (Panelist Defence):
    • Nutanix Solution Design Presentation – 1hr 30min
    • Break – 10min
    • LIVE Hands-on Exercise with 2nd Hypervisor choice – 40min (Troubleshooting Scenario)
    • Break – 10min
    • Design Exercise with 2nd Hypervisor choice – 1hr (Design Scenario)
  • If you fail, you must wait 6 months before applying again, showing compliance with Examiner (Panelist) comments
  • If you fail twice, you must wait another 6 months and apply with a new design and you may be required to seek additional Primary and Secondary Skill Benchmark training and certification

The zero examination fee policy proves that Nutanix does not want budget to be an obstacle for Enterprise Architects to demonstrate mastery of Web-Scale Infrastructure Architecture Design.  Hyper-Convergence and Web-Scale is a revolution and they need soldiers to take the fight to the vertical tier.

When you look at the RECOMMENDED Primary and Secondary Skill Benchmarks below, you can see that Nutanix wants to use the existing certification programs to jump-start architecture design for Web-Scale.  With the minimum pre-requisite being NPP only, it also means that non-certified infrastructure architects can try their hand at validating their skills with a minimum of financial investment.

Nutanix will start the process of minting the first NPX’s in Q3 2015 and the first open defences will likely be in Q4 2015.  Legitimate candidates can apply for mentoring now and will be accepted after being qualified.

The following information is a cut-and-paste directly from the blueprint.

Nutanix Platform Expert (NPX) Program Readiness Self-Evaluation


Conceptual/Logical Design Elements

  • Scalability
  • Resiliency
  • Performance
  • Manageability and Control Plane Architecture
  • Data Protection and Recoverability
  • Compliance and Security
  • Virtual Machine Logical Design
  • Virtual Networking Design
  • Third-­party Solution Integration

Physical Design Elements

  • Resource Sizing
  • Storage Infrastructure
  • Platform Selection
  • Networking Infrastructure
  • Virtual Machine Physical Design
  • Management Component Design
  • Datacenter Infrastructure (Environmental and Power)

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  1. NPX looks awesome!

    On paper looks great, but I believe in reality is monster. Comparing VCDX to NPX is like kindergarten to College.

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