#Nutanix #NEXTConf 2017 US Announcements

Today Nutanix announced three major products: Xi Cloud Services, Calm and Xtract.

Nutanix Xi Cloud Services

  • Native cloud extension to the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform.
  • This is a hybrid cloud play, not a public cloud play.
  • Xi DRaaS is the first service to be offered.
  • Initial service locations (4): Oakland and Santa Clara, CA and Ashburn, VA (2).
  • Nutanix is using Co-location with NX infrastructure to provide Xi Cloud Services. In the future GCP will provide Xi Cloud Services as well.
  • Targeting SMB and large-Enterprise ROBO customers.
  • Early Access Q4 2017, GA Q1 2018.

Nutanix Calm

  • This is the Nutanix orchestration engine, refactored from the Calm.io acquistion.
  • Supports Application Lifecycle Automation & Modeling, Self-Service and Governance and Hybrid Cloud Management.
  • Will have a Nutanix Marketplace for sharing code.
  • Calm, along with SSP, will reside in Prism Pro (yes, SSP is being relocated from Prism – which makes sense). Hopefully Prism Pro will support high availability soon.
  • Rapid release rate every 8 weeks.
  • GA Q3 2017 in the Obelix release (version TBD).

Nutanix Xtract

  • VM Onboarding and Database Transformation tools.
  • Allows one-click experience, agentless migrations, near-zero downtime, retains network configurations and auto AHV driver insertion.
  • Both follow the steps of scan, design, deploy and migrate.
  • Xtract for VMs GA Q1 2018.
  • Xtract for SQL DBs is already available as Nutanix Xplorer (will be rebranded).



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