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NPX – Solution Design Presentation

The NPX Design Review (NDR) has a 90 minute “Solution Design Presentation” where the NPX candidate presents their design submission to the examiners.  This post is an enhancement of the presentation strategy I developed for VCDX and customised for NPX.

NPX – The Journey to Number 8

VCDX and NPX sound great (how can so few letters be so difficult to achieve?), but it is very, very hard work with many hours of effort and stress, including juggling a day-job that bleeds into your personal life.  I have to profoundly thank my wife and children for putting

NPX – Controller VM Sizing

The Nutanix Controller VM has some sizing guidelines that are published in the official documentation, but the majority of the sizing logic is embedded within Foundation (and Phoenix) which is applied during the node deployment process. As a customer you can ignore this under the guise of “invisible infrastructure”, but

NPX – Sizing a Nutanix Cluster

If you are used to sizing traditional 3-tier infrastructure, you will have to alter your methodology to correctly size a Nutanix Cluster.  The major difference is the selection of the correct appliance hardware and sub-options for the cluster (Vendor, Sockets, Cores, GHz/core, RAM, SSD, HDD, SED, GPU, 1GbE, 10GbE, Rack

NPX – Mock Panel Timer

Following the style of  “VCDX Timer” by Andrew Mitchell, I have created the same for NPX Candidates wanting to perform mock panel defences with the NPX Certification Program.  Many thanks to Andrew who has graciously allowed me to use his HTML/CSS code as a base template.

NPX – Preparation Strategy for D-Day

The NPX blueprint is quite a challenge because it requires the mastery of two hypervisors, the Nutanix XCP eco-system (including Dell OEM appliances) and the silos of Enterprise Information Technology (Compute, Network, Storage, Backup/Recovery, Security, etc.). Once you have submitted your NPX document set, you have 60 days to get

Nutanix NPX by the Numbers

Visit the official Nutanix NPX Directory as the single source of truth.

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