NSX/vCNS/vCD – “Unplanned Reset” Operational Risk

This post is about mitigating the “unplanned reset” operational risk of the “Control-Alt-Delete” button in the vSphere Web Client/C# Client console for all Linux VMs, including NSX Manager, NSX Controller, vCNS Manager and vCD.

All Linux Administrators will be aware that pressing Control-Alt-Delete on the Console will reset the Linux OS immediately unless disabled in the Linux Operating system.  However, Windows Administrators are not aware of this, because they press the same key sequence to access the login screen.  Unfortunately, this behaviour is also true for some “hardened” virtual appliances such as NSX and vCNS.

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NSX Manager – Part 1 – Deploy OVA

This is part 1 of the NSX Manager Installation guide, describing the deployment of the NSX Manager version 6.0.4 OVA file.

This is the first post of a three part series describing the steps to install and configure VMware NSX Manager:

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