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NPX – Hands-on Exercise (Nutanix Troubleshooting)

The NPX Design Review (NDR) has a 30 minute “Hands-on Exercise” where the NDR Examiners present an issue with a live system that you need to resolve.  This post is an enhancement of the troubleshooting strategy I developed for VCDX and tailored for NPX and Nutanix XCP troubleshooting. The NDR

NSX-v – Troubleshooting Deep Dive

This is the VMware NSX for vSphere Troubleshooting Deep Dive.  I have aggregated all of the troubleshooting commands, diagrams and explanations that I could find into this post.  Brevity and bullet-points are used to keep the information concise and readable.  If you want more information on a concept use the

Tech101 – VMware vSphere ESXi

During my VCDX journey, I searched long and hard for a diagram that showed the components of VMware vSphere ESXi in a “big picture” to enhance my understanding.  The closest I could find was in the VMware vSphere: Optimise and Scale training manual (page 66 – Image also here Section

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