Treating NSX with “Kid Gloves”?

When VMware acquired Nicira and developed the first version of NSX (4.x), they were very cagey about which customers would be allowed to evaluate it in a “Proof of Concept” (with very specific success criteria).  I fully understand the strategy, they wanted to manage expectations and minimise bad press by controlling it very carefully.

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The Next Elite Architecture Certification

The current Elite Architecture Design Certifications are: VMware Certified Design eXpert (VCDX) and Cisco Certified Architect (CCAr).

At VMworld 2014 US, there was a lot of speculation about the integrity and future of the VCDX program with Mark Brunstad and John Arrasjid moving to greener pastures.  With Chris Colotti taking over as Principal Architect and VCDX Evangelist, I think the VCDX Program is in good hands.  This will be further reinforced once the new VCDX Program Manager is announced.

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VSAN Quick-Config Guide

Five months ago I built my home lab with VSAN and performance tested it (with the default policy).  It turns out I was missing a key part of the configuration: the “Service Provider URLs”.  Here is the complete VMware Virtual SAN configuration process for a home lab.

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VMworld US 2014 – 10th Annual TAM Day

I attended TAM day yesterday which was a great event.  The keynote was fantastic with VMware President and COO, Carl Eschenbach, and the highlight of the day was the “Ask an Expert” lunch, where 100+ experts from all silos of VMware were available for discussions over lunch.

This is my second TAM day and I must say it just gets better and better every year with 1000+ TAM customers attending the event.  So if you are a serious VMware customer and you want to maximise and leverage your VMware investment, then consider joining the TAM program.

The clock is ticking, register for VMworld EU 2014, plan your travel and reserve your sessions:

PowerCLI – How do I use it?

PowerCLI is an incredible tool that you can use to automate many of your operational procedures, particularly useful if you are constrained by budget and you are competent in scripting with Windows PowerShell.  This post covers setting up and using PowerCLI, the operational risks entailed, how to use’s vCheck script and a “Delete Snapshot, notify by email” script.

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