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VMware NSX Design & Administration

NSX DLR and ESG with OSPF – Part 1 – IP Pools, Host and Logical Network Prep

This is a series of posts describing the setup of VMware NSX with the Distributed Logical Router (DLR) connected to an Edge Services Gateway (ESG) configured with OSPF.  The DLR has two VMs connected and the ESG has a connection to the Internet.  You can build this in the HOL

Treating NSX with “Kid Gloves”?

When VMware acquired Nicira and developed the first version of NSX (4.x), they were very cagey about which customers would be allowed to evaluate it in a “Proof of Concept” (with very specific success criteria).  I fully understand the strategy, they wanted to manage expectations and minimise bad press by

NSX Console – Ping Forever?

The Problem: From the vSphere Web Client Console (with OS X Safari) to the NSX Manager, NSX Controller, NSX Edge Services Gateway, NSX Logical Distributed Router Virtual Appliance or any Linux Guest OS, if I use the “ping <IP Address>” command, the “Control-C” key sequence is not received by the

NSX/vCNS/vCD – “Unplanned Reset” Operational Risk

This post is about mitigating the “unplanned reset” operational risk of the “Control-Alt-Delete” button in the vSphere Web Client/C# Client console for all Linux VMs, including NSX Manager, NSX Controller, vCNS Manager and vCD. All Linux Administrators will be aware that pressing Control-Alt-Delete on the Console will reset the Linux

NSX Link-O-Rama

The NSX Link-O-Rama Resource Page Following the format of the “Aspiring VCDX Study Guide Link-O-Rama” by Derek Seaman, I have created the same for VMware NSX.  If I have missed any other resources, reach out to me on Twitter and I will add them.  This page will continue to evolve

NSX Manager – Part 3 – Configure

This is part 3 of the NSX Manager Installation guide, describing the initial configuration of NSX Manager version 6.1.0 with vCenter Server 5.5.

NSX Manager – Part 2 – Upgrade to 6.1

This is part 2 of the NSX Manager Installation guide, describing the upgrade of NSX Manager from version 6.0.4 to 6.1.0.

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