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Technology 101

Tech101 – VMware NSX

This post provides a Tech101 breakdown of VMware NSX.  If you have heard the buzz-word “NSX” or “Network Virtualisation” and want to learn more about it, this post is for you.

Tech101 – Cisco ACI

I recently completed the Cisco ACI Field Engineering course.  This post describes the major building blocks of the Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) and how it all fits together.

Tech101 – Home Internet Troubleshooting

This post covers a 7 step process for troubleshooting your home Internet connection from a Desktop (Windows 7 or OS X).  I wrote this for someone who was having ISP problems a few years ago.  The failure scenario of each step has a canned “Technical Statement” that you can communicate

Tech101 – Successful Blogging

Setup process:

Do you want to brand yourself: Buy a domain (US$26/year)

Tech101 – Optical Fiber – Care and Safety

Optical Fiber is what connects the Internet and our Data Centers, it is everywhere and it is important to know how to correctly handle it.  This post is about how to care for optical fiber and how it can injure you.

Tech101 – EMC Symmetrix VMAX & PowerPath/VE

My VCDX design architecture was based upon the EMC Symmetrix VMAX 20K.  I spent a lot of time with EMC SMEs learning everything I could about it.  The first step was learning the major building blocks of the VMAX and how it all fits together.  The examples I provide below

Tech101 – VMware vSphere ESXi

During my VCDX journey, I searched long and hard for a diagram that showed the components of VMware vSphere ESXi in a “big picture” to enhance my understanding.  The closest I could find was in the VMware vSphere: Optimise and Scale training manual (page 66 – Image also here Section

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